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Prosecco vs. Champagne: What’s the difference?

Have you ever been reprimanded by a snooty sommelier or wine snob for referring to prosecco as Champagne, and you weren’t sure why? It was because while prosecco and Champagne both have bubbles, that’s just about all these sparkling wines have in common. Here are five major differences between the two: They’re from different places: Prosecco hails from the Veneto region in northeast Italy, and Champagne comes from the Champagne region in northeast France. With the extensive history of winemaking in the Old World, these regions take great pride in their terroir – the climate and soil where their grapes are grown. Champagne is considered the birthplace of sparkling wine, and its growers consider Champagne a “wine of place” that cannot be reproduced anywhere else in the world. Over the years the Champagne name has been used indiscriminately for marketing purposes, and Champagne’s governing body has sued brands such as Perrier, Yves Saint Laurent and Miller beer over its use.…
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